Elfin Saddle Mushroom Art Print


  • Elfin Saddle Mushroom Art Print
  • Elfin Saddle Mushroom Art Print

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Have you ever seen an Elfin Saddle in the wilds? If you have, you know the other worldly feel these little wrinkled wonders evoke. I have seen numerous species, sizes and colors of these, but each one consistently puts a little smile on my face. Picture a little elf harvesting the top, curing the skin and forming a sweet little saddle for riding slugs, or beetles, or maybe other elves–I'm not here to judge. This print shows two Helvella specimens with a deep Easterly lean, sharing each other's company under a full moon. 

From an original ink drawing by Chris Adams, this 8" x 10" silksreen print is lovingly printed in the Corvidopolis print shop on French Paper Co. 100# Construction, Recycled White.

All 8x10 Monochromatic Mushroom Tarot prints are open editions, printed & signed by the artist.