Matsutake Mushroom Art Print


  • Matsutake Mushroom Art Print
  • Matsutake Mushroom Art Print

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Nubbins. That's all you can say about this print, look at those three nubbins hugging the base of that majestic Matsu shrump. I'm hungry now. Well, this print shows four Matsutake mushrooms huddled together with a distant mountain vista, and a full moon starry night above. Three of the four stages of Matsutake are portrayed as well; showing the developmental morphologies as the fruiting body bursts forth from the underground hyphal net and matures into a fully-functioning spore-disseminating machine.

From an original ink drawing by Chris Adams, this 8" x 10" silkscreen print is lovingly printed in the Corvidopolis print shop on French Paper Co. 100# Construction, Recycled White.

All 8x10 Monochromatic Mushroom Tarot prints are open editions, printed & signed by the artist.