Morel Mushroom Art Print


  • Morel Mushroom Art Print
  • Morel Mushroom Art Print

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Two Morel mushrooms relaxing under the starry welkin, surrounded by a stand of aged Ponderosa Pines–I'll join this party any day. If you've ever seen a Morchella out in the wild, you know they are some space-aged little shrumps if ever there were. Full disclosure, I have bad Morel juju. I've found some here and there, but they don't speak to me like the mushrooms of the autumnal Coast Range. Don't get me wrong, I love them, my radar just isn't picking up their elusive signals.

From an original ink drawing by Chris Adams, this 8" x 10" silkscreen print is lovingly printed in the Corvidopolis print shop on French Paper Co. 100# Construction, Recycled White.

All 8x10 Monochromatic Mushroom Tarot prints are open editions, printed & signed by the artist.