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The Mushroom Tarot Project was crowdfunded by the Corvidopolis Instagram crew in early 2019, and printed in Spring of 2019.

This is where you will find a limited selection of the goods from, including the Original Mushroom Tarot Major Arcana Deck, MT stickers and occasional MT apparel offerings.

The Mushroom Tarot currently includes 25 cards with the typical Major Arcana and 3 Mushroom Guide cards. All the original pen and ink artwork was lovingly channeled into the physical world by Chris. It is a true syntheses of his love for all things mycological and a little bit weird. Mushroom species (or species groups depending on how specific you'd like to be) are paired carefully with each archetype from the Major Arcana, and a thorough description of Chris' interpretation of each archetype and choice of mushroom is included in the Info Guide.