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All things Mushroom and Tarot.

The Mushroom Tarot 1st Edition Major Arcana Deck was crowdfunded in early 2019, & printed in Spring of 2019. I quickly followed that up with a full deck Kickstarter in 2020 and the rest is history!!

This is where you will find a limited selection of the goods from The Mushroom Tarot by Corvidopolis Founder, Chris Adams; including the one-and-only Mushroom Tarot Deck, Mushroom Tarot stickers, and Mushroom Tarot Apparel releases.

The Mushroom Tarot 2nd Edition now includes 81 full-color cards and a perfect bound guide book, housed in a sturdy 2 piece box embellished with gold spot inks. All the original pen and ink artwork was lovingly channeled into the physical world by Chris. Like all of Chris' nature loving artwork, this deck features (mostly) scientifically accurate representations of mushrooms paired with animals & plants that exist in similar biomes.  Mushroom species (or species groups depending on how specific you'd like to be) are paired carefully with each archetype from the Major Arcana and each suit of the Minor Arcana.