Mantra Mushroom Tarot Sticker


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This one has been on my list to put on a sticker for ages, and here we are. It is a sort of Celtic / Old Englishy font that reads, "In The Name of The Hyphae, The Spore and The Holy Host." I don't use fonts often, but I had a pretty specific mental picture of what I wanted this lettering to look like & this one stuck. In case it isn't obvious the quote is a rewording of a well-known prayer, but with subject matter that makes my dirt worshipping mind smile a devious little smile. Also, it's purple––all purple––and I don't use much purple so there's that if you're into it. I think it would look pretty good on a beat up old Volvo sedan or a really business-like suitcase handcuffed to your wrist.

This Mushroom Tarot Sticker is printed in the US by Sticker Mule, and I think they're the best darn stickers out there. Measures ~ 8.5" x 2.25" on super durable vinyl with a UV coating.

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