Black Trumpet Shirt, Cream Cotton US Made


  • Black Trumpet Shirt, Cream Cotton US Made
  • Black Trumpet Shirt, Cream Cotton US Made
  • Black Trumpet Shirt, Cream Cotton US Made

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This NEW DRAWING perfectly fuses my teenage self with my getting-older-everyday self by combining punk rock & mushrooms. A Black Trumpet shirt that also harkens back to the days of Henry Rollins yelling about all sorts of things in the band Black Flag. I'm not sure if any living members of Black Flag are into mushrooms, but if they are maybe someone should send them a shirt?! Unless you think they're going to ask me to stop making them, then maybe don't send them one. 

Full disclosure, I've only picked Craterellus cornucopiodes, and/or similar species of Craterellus yet to be confirmed, a few times here the Willamette Valley of Oregon, but I've eaten them enough to know they are an earthy, umami-filled wonder with a well-earned symbolism of deathly concepts. If you've never seen one out in the wilds, add it to your list next fungal season in your neck of the woods; I'm not savvy to the distribution in the middle of the US but they have pretty decent presence on both the Least & Best Coasts (zing!)––a second disclosure, I've only been to Manhattan, NY and near Orlando, FL on the East Coast so my appraisal of the quality of the coasts in a dichotomous, winner-take-all competition is really not of much substance. I know there's good pizza over there, you've got clam chowder and Maine. I'd like to go to Maine. 

Ok, that's enough from me. This Black Trumpet Shirt is printed with water-based inks in our Oregon Studio on a Cream, 100% Cotton, Made in US tee. 

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