Empress Mushroom Tarot Sticker


  • Empress Mushroom Tarot Sticker
  • Empress Mushroom Tarot Sticker

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A cluster of Violet Cortinarius mushrooms burst from the base of a large stone, a creek rushed alongside them and a dark forest is still in the background.

This Mushroom Tarot Sticker festures The Empress Card from the 2nd Edition of The Mushroom Tarot. Here's the description from the guide:

In each of us there is an anima & animus–both feminine & masculine forces. The Empress represents feminine force within you & the reflection in you of the Divine Mother seen in the former card. Reflect here on that all-encompassing mother of the world as it exists inside you–as it must since she is giving life to everything, everywhere. 

Whenever I see a Violet Cort in the woods it is in the shadows, but the rich purple tones almost glow with darkness. I associate these mushrooms with old forests and powerful natural forces–appropriate for this archetype of feminine power. I love these mushrooms immensely–some combination of the rarity with which I see them, and the ecosystems I associate them with makes them easily my favorite.

2.75" x 4.25" Screen printed with High Quality UV inks. Slap one on your laptop, water bottle, bicycle helmet or Gremlin.

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