The Woods Are Rad Lil Bumper Sticker


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I feel like this is a new standard stick around these parts––I like it. Sometimes you say something and you're like, "yeah, that's true!". Like all TWAR stickers it comes with a FREE exclamation point! There's nothing like rampant use of punctuation to get you going when you're feeling a little low. In a feeble attempt at an actual description of this sticker it features some black, wiggly hand lettering that reads, "The Woods Are Rad!". Also, it is actually true; the woods are really rad and we should all spend more time in them. I guess I'll speak for myself, I should spend more time in them. 

As all our color stickers, this one is printed in the US by Sticker Mule, and I think they're the best darn digital stickers out there. Measures ~ 8.5" x 1.75" on super durable vinyl with a UV coating.

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