Tower Card Mushroom TarotSticker


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A stoic Lobster Mushroom towers upon a hill, sending a steady stream of spores into the night sky. The dense, glowing shrump is surrounded at their base by the Russula species that represent earlier stages of life leading to their current form. 

This Mushroom Tarot Sticker features The Tower Card from the 2nd Edition of The Mushroom Tarot. Here's the description from the guide:

The Tower can feel like a dark card, depicting destruction & disaster. It’s appearance might become deceiving if we imagine the scene–instead–as a representation of tearing down and replacing all that is not working in our lives with something more fruitful. Destruction can be stressful and daunting, but often the next iteration can be so much more pleasant. Pull it all down & create something beautiful from the ruins!

The Lobster Mushroom is a ‘secondary’ fungus that parasitizes other fungi—in this case a Short Stem Russula—and often turns a non-culinary specimen into a choice edible. Anthropocentrically the best metaphor ever for turning something ‘useless’ into something delicious.

2.75" x 4.25" Screen printed with High Quality UV inks. Slap one on your laptop, water bottle, bicycle helmet or Gremlin.

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