TWAR Logger Boot Bumper Sticker


  • TWAR Logger Boot Bumper Sticker
  • TWAR Logger Boot Bumper Sticker

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This sticker was created on a bit of a personal prompt and/or whim to make a sticker that was a little vintage callback to old forestry graphics from my childhood. Something about an old logger boot and a serif font with these particular green & yellow tones makes me think of the 80's in Oregon.

Also, The Woods Are Rad! for all sorts of different reasons, and spending all of my life in the Pacific Northwest I try and ponder, as well as respect, all those different connections folk have to the outdoors. I'd like to imagine that someday humans will find a way to utilize nature for things we are require for existence while simultaneously valuing the intricate web of life beyond it's role as an asset within an abstract monetary system we have strangely created.

As all our color stickers, this one is printed in the US by Sticker Mule, and I think they're the best darn digital stickers out there. Measures ~ 8" x 2.4" on super durable vinyl with a UV coating.