TWAR Fox Skull Sticker


  • TWAR Fox Skull Sticker
  • TWAR Fox Skull Sticker

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Do you like skulls? I like skulls. I could postulate why skulls are so fascinating, but instead I'll just say that this sticker features a Red Fox skull drawing and it says, "The Woods Are Rad!" kind of lowkey down in the corner.

I have only seen one Red Fox in my life––that I can remember. It was far away and I'm a little pissed off about it. My wife just casually saw a Grey Fox one evening while picking up a CSA box. Some friends just showed me a video of a Red Fox running in front of their car at night. My buddy Jack used to see frolicking Red Fox in a field regularly on his morning commute. What is it with me and foxes? I like them as a rule and I'd like to see more of them. So, if you have any pull in that area put in a good word for me.

As all our color stickers, this one is printed in the US by Sticker Mule, and I think they're the best darn digital stickers out there. Measures ~ 2" x 3.5" on super durable vinyl with a UV coating.

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